Dangerous Game …



"I-I know…I-i’m sorry they got you right in the chest…" she mumbled, pulling her hands away from his chest and bringing them to his face, moving away the hair that was in his face. Her kido seemed to have done the trick, stopped the bleeding and reduced the size just a bit. It was by no extent healed though, and too much movement might open the wound again, starting the bleeding all over.

"Don’t move for a second, alright? We’ll get you to the fourth soon…" she said, a free hand idly stroking the side of his face. She would have to go find Sentarou or something who was capable of helping take Ukitake to the fouth. "I….was scared…"

"D-don’t be. I’ll live through this.." He exclaimed quietly.  The distress filled reiatsu caused Sentarou and Kiyone to scurry to the scene. In panic, the two called a temporary truce in order to get their captain the medical attention he needed. Upon moving him, he gasped, the wound throbbing on his chest. At this rate it would become infected and cause further damage.

"We can’t risk moving him too much…! Sentarou, we have to do something—"
"I know that! I’ll go to the fourth division and get help! You stay with the captains!"

Dangerous Game …



"U-uki? A-aa, you’ll be okay, alright?" she choked, continuing to work on her kido. It seemed to be doing it’s job, which she was relieved for. The blood was clearing up.

Once Unohana got to him, he would be fine, the attacker had done a poor job. Still, what a terrible thing to do, attack him in the dark like that. Who on earth could have an issue with Ukitake???

"I’m… a bit dizzy.. bu-but I’ll be alright." he coughed. "It hurts t-to breathe.." The captain winced in pain, trying to control his tolerance. To attack a captain meant treason and death as punishment. The attacker must have figured that he wouldn’t get caught in the dark.

Dangerous Game …


The rengai was order to get inside the 13th division barrck to stole some paperworkfrom there that was important for Kagerōza. So he did so he went there but when he was arrive the arhive room he felt a familiar reatsu it was the Captain of that Division, Ukitake Juushirou, he couldn’t get caught but the way the white haired Captain was going they both would colide and so Byakuya decide to attack Ukitake as the faster and as quietly as possible. But it seems that, as he know, Ukitake was a hard one so he failed to eliminate him.

…” I think I failed”…


He lay upon the ground, trying to move. Ukitake could hardly breathe. Such a quick act.. and others would surely come.

Dangerous Game …


It was late, but that didn’t stop Miki from coming to see Ukitake. It was very much a habit and more often than not she found herself in the jusanbantai. Tonight was no exception, as she strolled leisurely down the halls towards his office, as he had not been in his quarters like she thought he might be.

Well, she did find Ukitake eventually, but in the worst way possible. When she turned the corner she watched him crumple to the ground, most certainly bleeding. No one in the area was to be found. His attacker was the least of her worries as she rushed to his side, turning him over.

"Uki!" her frantic hands found his face, he was there but if she didn’t do something quickly he could fade away. A deep gash along his chest, while not life threatening it the moment, if he were to bleed out it would be real trouble.

Although they were shaking her hands worked quickly, removing the fabric from his wound. While Miki was quite proficient at healing kido it wasn’t to the extent of Unohana taichou. For best measure she tried the strongest one she knew, just enough so she could at least stop it from bleeding an they could get him to the yonbantai. 

"Don’t go…"

In the midst of this she hadn’t realized she was crying, but now her tears were beginning to blur her vision, running down her cheeks and falling to the floor in fat drops. 

His only response was a weak groan. Ukitake wasn’t gone yet… the attacker had missed their mark. Whomever they were, they were aiming for his heart and lungs in one strike. The wound was far too shallow to hit them.

"…Mi…ki..?" He wheezed, trying to breathe without feeling pain.

Dangerous Game …

     Of course it was late in the night. A late stroll down the hallways wouldn’t be too bad, would it? He couldn’t have been more wrong. Hearing footsteps, the captain stopped. Who else could be up at this hour? He waited, suddenly hearing metal scrape against something. A blade? He turned quickly, a flash of silver.


"—!!" The cool metal collided with his chest. Due to the darkness, he couldn’t tell who the assailant was. Ukitake fell to the ground, brown hues starting to dull. His chest throbbed, hand reaching out. How could he have been caught off guard so easily?

#1 goal in life—



And as he looked into the face of death,

                                                       he { smiled } and whispered “Finally.”